Stupid Simple Ideas

I have come up with a few ideas lately that are so simple yet so, "why didn't I think of this with my first two kids?" that I assume everyone else is already doing them. Just in case you aren't, I thought I would share.

Sprinkles make everything taste better. Ella LOVES pink. I noticed that she always asks for pink yogurt but then barely eats it. It took the yogurt companies putting packets of sprinkles on top for me to have my ah ha moment and now I keep a variety of pink sprinkles on hand for yogurt requests and she typically eats it all.

Since I figure that was a duh, here is how I moved on. She wanted a cupcake. I didn't have one, and although she is utterly spoiled, I was not about to make cupcakes to avoid a tantrum. Glancing around the kitchen, I spotted the bananas and had nothing to lose. Banana slices are sticky and sure enough, sprinkles stick perfectly to them. This new treat is one of her favorite desserts. If I am feeling extra fancy, a little dab of whipped cream and/or a drizzle of chocolate syrup and you practically have a banana split.

Locally, you never know what the weather on Halloween will be. One year it could be 80 and sunny, the next 35 with snow flurries. It makes costume planning for little ones a bit more challenging. This past year Ella went as Minnie Mouse. She had a super cute short sleeve dress but it was turning out to be one of the cold weather years. Rather than a coat, I opted to go with a black turtle neck and leggings. 

She had 8-10 really cute summer dresses that still fit her, probably wouldn't the next spring but it was too cold to wear. Ah ha moment #2. I went out and bought a few more turtle necks (2 white and a pink to be exact) then she wore her summer dresses through the winter with either leggings or tights and some stylish boots.

I did the reverse of that even when Anna was little. A lot of the cute little sun dresses would still fit a year later but they are too short. I pair those with some capris (or leggings from the year before that are really too short = instant capris) or shorts and they make super cute baby-doll style tops. Ella is probably officially a 3T but she is wearing some 2T and even a few 18 month dresses from last year. The ones that work the best are flowy with spaghetti straps. Of course that is assuming they aren't completely stained up after a season of wear and you still want to use them. Sorry I don't have any suggestions for little boys, though I guess the turtle neck could work for them too.

See, stupid simple. Please share if you have any of your own. I love simple.


Jason T. Carter said…
Have you ever tried 3-2-1 cake? Mix a box of Angel Food cake and any other type of cake in a large Ziploc bag, then put 3 tablespoons of the cake mix in a coffee mug, stir in 2 tablespoons of water, and microwave for 1 minute. Instant cake.
Sarah said…
Thanks Jason, I actually have. I didn't know it had a name but I have a chocolate mixture in a jar at my house. I haven't told my kids about it yet or it would be gone, but I love it with some frozen yogurt on top.

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