Grateful for this Father's Day

This is probably the first Father's Day I haven't taken for granted. Last year, like every other I bought a card, rounded up my kiddo's and headed over to which ever meal my mom had planned to celebrate. Of course I gave my dad a hug and enjoyed watching him chuckle over the card I had selected, enjoyed the 2-ish hours with my family then headed back home to my normal routines.

Last year, as far as I knew my dad was healthy and I would have another 20-something days just like that. A few weeks after this typical Father's Day we learned my dad had cancer. He has spent the last year going to treatments and undergoing a few surgeries. I am elated to say so far so good and am optimistic that later this year he will officially earn the cancer survivor badge.

This year, while I still bought a card and am about to go to the usual gathering, will still give my dad a hug and perhaps on the surface it will appear just like last year, for me it will mean so much more. I can't say why some people get second chances and others do not but for those who have lost their fathers I promise not to take this day for granted.

A very Happy Father's Day to all of the men in my life. You help keep me sane-ish.


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