I participated in my first class at the gym this morning. Each day there is a 6:00 am class of some sort and I have been working my way up to getting there on time to join a class. Technically I could have done one yesterday but I really wanted to finish my book so today was the day.

Today's class was Piyo. Let me start by saying I have heard of it before but never seen it. I assumed it was a spin on Yoga and Pilates but maybe with more constant movement. And I guess I was sort of right, but holy shit, I had no idea what I was in for.

I walked in just a minute after it started and it is a small room. There were maybe 6-ish people across the back row, 2 ladies making up the front row and the instructor. The only open space was front and center right between the two ladies in the front. Yay me! But I still grabbed a mat and jumped in. The only upside to this spot was that a pole was blocking my reflection in the mirrors so at least I didn't have to witness the hot mess that I was.

I started out ok. Kept up through the first routine. Not bad. My heart was racing, my balance not as stable as the others in the class but as a first time no complaints. I needed a drink and to wipe the sweat from my brow and was just thinking "I got this," when the instructor says, "great, we should all be warmed up now so let's get started."

That's when I knew two things:
1. I was in trouble
2. I made the right decision to mix things up and join a class

I hope the folks behind me got a kick out of my performance as much as I did. I tried. I really did but I laughed at myself on several occasions. Seriously my body doesn't move like that and I am pretty sure for a few of the moves it isn't supposed to bend that way.

The instructor was supportive and said on several occasions to make it your own. Curious if she has ever said that before or if it was just for me. My guess is the latter.

In the end, I think I did about 1/2 of what I was supposed to but I made it through the entire hour making it my own 😉.

Tonight I will take something to help with the pain I am certain to feel any time now and need to find a book for the elliptical tomorrow.

I will join again because I want to get better.


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