Feelin' the Love?

Happy Valentines' Day! Actually, I am not a huge fan of this one. I hate holidays that create the delusion of the most fantastic and romantic day of your life which typically only happens in movies. New Years Eve is a perfect example. I love Pete and I know he loves me, so we have made a pact that we don't need to celebrate this one. Quite honestly he wouldn't know romance if it bit him so I am really doing myself a favor here.

What I do love most about February 14th is the color palette. I am a sucker for pink, browns, red, black and white. I love polka dots and hearts work equally as well as a dot in my opinion. I like the decorations and my sweet tooth is record setting. Lord knows I don't need an excuse to bake goodies, but hell yeah, I will take one anyway.

So this weekend I had some fun. I bought a heart shaped Wilton candy mold and made some truffles using leftover cakeball and chocolate ganache from Christmas that I had frozen. I wasn't sure how well it would keep, but it thawed perfectly. I made:
  • dark chocolate covered banana
  • dark chocolate pumpkin spice
  • dark chocolate ganache dipped in milk chocolate
  • milk chocolate peanut butter (this one was killer)
You know I couldn't stop there. I made cupcakes and put a heart truffle on top.

You are going to have to bare with my photography. I don't have my mac right now so I can't do any photoshop work to these.

I have some time on my hands today which could be dangerous. What to make?


Christina said…
Those truffes look awesome!! Id love to hear the recipe for those!
And I totally dont get Valentines day either.
Anonymous said…
Wow! I am impressed!!!

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