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I have been blogging now for almost a year and a half. I still can't believe I actually starting doing one, nor can I believe how much I put out there. I was one of the people that didn't want to put pictures of even my dog on-line for fear of dog napping, wouldn't join Facebook and thought the idea of a blog was a waste of time.

Talk about a 180. I absolutely love blogging and would encourage anyone to give it a shot. I originally dove in with the idea of somehow making money off it and even one day being able to support my family with it. I do believe those are great dreams but fortunately I have found it incredibly rewarding without any financial success.

I love when someone comments on my blog, facebook or in person that they could relate or laughed at one of my posts. I get giddy when a stranger emails me that they like my stuff. I have fun when someone stumbles upon my wee little blog, in the sea of billions out there and asks me to support their cause or invite me to give away their tickets/products to my readers. It is awesome to see people all around the world reading my posts, trying my recipes and laughing at my sarcasm.

While I have had some offers to place ads on my blog or paid posts, I haven't engaged in any of them yet. I still feel like I am getting my feet wet and wouldn't have a clue how to run something like that or what the going rates are. Some day I would love to write a book, but I am still brainstorming the right topic.

This week, I am jumping on an offer that came my way. Not sure how this works, but a gentleman found my blog and has asked me to do a segment on our local Channel 19 Morning News. He sets up various themes and products, sends them to me to review, then I go on air live and tell people about these products. I post the information about them here and have a set to give away. I think it sounds really interesting and a great way to get traffic to my blog.

What I find so crazy is that I only spoke to him on the phone for a few minutes. I assume he has read a few of my posts and I have a little picture of myself here, but to trust someone to go live on air without any sort of audition, kind of blows my mind. But this insanity is my gain. I am super excited and will of course give it everything I got.

And there is no better exercise motivation than a monthly TV segment. My first one is on Monday, September 10th. I will be featuring tailgating products around 8:45-9:00 am-ish. That gives me a little over a week and I would love to drop the 10 pounds the camera (yes definitely the camera's fault) will add on me. If I do them monthly, how cool would it be to drop another 10 lbs per segment?

This morning, I juiced up my ipod and hit the pavement. Earlier this week I invested in a few new pairs of yoga pants and sports bras so I am all set. If any body, any time wants to burn a few with me, just give me a call or shoot me an email.

Oh, and since I have never actually tailgated before, if anyone has an recipes or tips that I can share here, please let me know. I'd love to post your favorites here and if you have a blog, this could be a great way to send traffic your way as well.

As always, thanks for reading. I hope you are enjoying the ride as much as I am.


Jackie said…

I don't advertise, but I have done a few giveaways. I've been blogging about as long as you have I suppose and I was the same way at first. It's difficult to find the balance between what to put out there or what not to share, but I'd like to think I've found it. Caution is always a good thing though.

I think I underestimated the amount of community there is in the bloggy world. That's helped me open up some and find my balance.

Good luck with your TV appearances!! So exciting!

Jackie @

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