Peace and Quiet

I love the weekends. Who doesn't? A typical weekend for me consists of:
  • getting my chores done or started at least
  • coaching a soccer game
  • cooking
  • kids' homework
  • entertaining a two year old
  • if time, doing something fun as a family
  • squeezing in a workout or two
  • anything else that pops up
As much as I love Ella, hitting the reset button comes with a few challenges. We had made it to a point in our parenting lives, where our children did not need the constant supervision. I was able to clean for a few hours on Saturday mornings uninterrupted and I had even begun to read again. 

Once Ella turned a year, I was determined that I could find a few minutes of peace and quiet to get lost in the pages of a novel once more. Even though it can take me months to finish a book it is so totally worth it.

Lately I have been reading The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo series. I am on the second book and really loving the them. Yesterday my few minutes turned into an hour or more. Ella was out on the enclosed deck. Sprout was playing and I knew she had gotten into markers. She had been sitting at the table coloring and I made a conscious decision to keep reading and savor the peace and quiet.

Every parent knows, this comes at a cost.

Thank God for the inventor of the washable marker.

Her hands were solid green on both sides and the sock cut out of this photo was also solid green so much so that her foot was green when I removed the sock.

I stripped her down and let her play in the water at the sink while I scrubbed her clothes then her face and hands. After she was pretty thoroughly put back together she went back to Sprout and I went back to my book.

Yes, I should have learned my lesson, but I blame the book for being that good.

Twenty minutes later, Anna found her with an orange mask. Apparently she had stashed an orange marker and came back for it later. I didn't photograph that one but jumped right into removing her very stylish marker makeover.

Yesterday was fun, but rather exhausting.


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